Have you ever been in bed and you couldn’t get up? Of course you have. Who hasn’t been tempted with “just five more minutes”, while laying in the comfort of a warm, soft inviting bed; your head sinking into big pillows, your body wrapped in the warmth of the duvet or blanket. Do you feel like taking a nap now?

The next time you find yourself in this predicament and you have to get up, but you “just want five more minutes”, take a moment to notice what you are thinking. What are you visualising in that moment? You are most likely visualising the benefits of staying in bed. Getting up might have briefly been a thought, but most of your thoughts will be centered around the benefits, emotional and physical, of staying bed.

Instead of using the power of visualisation keep you in bed, try using it to get yourself out of bed. You are already in bed and don’t need to visualise it. Visualing the act of getting out of bed. Just keep doing it and you will be out of bed in no time.

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