Key to growth

The short
The key to your growth lies in your immediate environment and that willpower is not the best means to get where you want to be.

A little more
Benjamin P. Hardy wrote a very good article entitled: How to make Quantum Leaps Personally and Professionally. He argues, I believe quite successfully, that our identities aren’t fixed and rigid, but actually quite flexible; shaped by the roles we found ourselves in. I like the fact that he shares a more “down-to-earth” definition of the “authentic self”; not some “undiscovered you”, but rather: “Your most authentic self is not who you currently are, but rather, who you desire to become.”

At the end of his article he does get a bit, like every “spiritual guru” out there, unrealistic, by saying: “There is no cap to your potential.”

Unfortunately there is. You are limited by your intelligence and with that, I mean the ability to notice, analyse, learn and adapt.

To make sure you are actually performing at your “Intelligent” best, it would be a good idea to hang out with smarter people, as you are after all the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.

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