Authentic Self

I’m not a big fan of people’s references to the authentic self, as if the person you are right now, is not you. It doesn’t matter how you feel about yourself, the person you are right now, is always authentically you. You might not like that person, but that person is still you.

Life frequently gets in the way of us becoming the person who we would like to be or envision ourselves to be. And by that I am implying the effects our physical and social environment have on us. We compete with other people under the same sun; wanting to be recognised. This competition leads to you having doubts about yourself; if you are worthy to become that person you want to be or even if it is possible or god forbid, “meant to be”.

What I would rather ask, is “Who will you become, if you weren’t afraid?” If that self-doubting voice gets silenced, who would you be?

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